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Louis David Riel has been made a folk hero by the Francophone, the Catholic nationalists, the Native rights movement, and the New Left student movement. Riel has received more scholarly attention than practically any other figure in Canadian history.

The trial of Louis Riel was one of the biggest spectacles in Canadian history. The trial of Louis Riel lasted four days in July 1885.
The leader of the North West Rebellion addressed the court in Regina, listing the Métis grievances and outlining his vision for a diverse Canada.

Historical! - John Coulter’s play is based on official trial transcripts

Dramatic! - Live performers Re-enact the 1885 Trial of Louis Riel

Controversial! - Land Rights, Language, Race, Religion, and Justice are Central Topics in the Play’s Dialogue

Re-creation of Canada's Most Famous Trial

A Centennial Project written in 1967

by John Coulter

Produced by

RielCo Productions


Experience the momentous trial that changed Western Canada Forever!

8 Shows @ THE ROYAL SASKATCHEWAN MUSEUM – 3 Matinee Shows @ 2 pm August 3, 4 & 11 – 6 Evening Shows @ 7:30 pm – August 1, 2, 8 , 9, 10, 2024

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is proud to host The Trial of Louis Riel in its 58th year. This production is the longest continuously running historical drama in North America. A historic moment in time and is a piece of utmost importance to Canada’s history, of which the Museum wishes to offer the opportunity to share with Regina and surrounding communities.

I will perhaps be one day acknowledged as more
than a leader of the half-breeds, and if I am I will have
an opportunity of being acknowledged as a leader of good in this great country.”

Louis Riel’s address to the jury, 1885

The cast and crew of The Trial of Louis Riel invite all people to support this important historical and heritage production by attending the performance with friends and family!


Cast & Crew for the 58th Year of Production



PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES. No picture taking of any kind is allowed during the performance. After the performance, everyone is invited to ask questions and take pictures of the actors or with the actors.